Gusti Furmanski

Kia Ora! My name is Gusti Furmanski, born in Buenos Aires, Argentina in the early 60s. In the mid-70s my family migrated to Israel where I finished studying. I was a member of a kibbutz (a communal farm) working in the dairy industry. In this society, “you give what you can and receive what you need”. This type of life introduced me to values I carried when I left Israel to settle in New Zealand in the mid-90s. Here I found a special place that made me feel at home from the very beginning. I was very impressed to see the manners of the locals and the mutual respect they show. I loved the views, the beaches, the cattle in the green fields, the Maori culture, the small houses with gardens, bare-foot kids walking to school in the summer and of course the social-economic environment that allowed you to plan the mañana. When you are so fascinated by something you want to share it with the others. This is when I decided to dedicate to the Tourism Industry. Share with visitors the beauty this place can offer, is for me a dream come true. Reaching my 50s I feel lucky, looking back how life has taken me through different cultures, getting to set here in this quiet marvelous place, far away in the South Pacific where the “local news” talking  about a penguin that lost his colony, or a dolphin that likes to swim close to people, or a sheep got lost and came back to his farm after few years in the wild.....  

Scope of Guiding: North Island
Membership Type: Full Member
Location: Auckland

Phone Number: 09 4138606

Mobile Number: 021 1797942


Language: English Spanish
Type of Guiding: City Day Tours Maori
Vehicle Licences :
First Aid Certificate: Yes

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