Due to the developing Covid-19 pandemic it was  decided with intrepidation to cancel the conference, which was to be held in Hokitika.

The annual general meeting was held per Zoom, a first for ProGuides and was attended by around 30 members, some of whom actually organised to be together for participation.  

The Committee in 2020 : Wilhelm Lehmberg (Chair), Lu Tyree (Financial Officer), Angela D'Aquaro-Law (Membership Secretary), Helen Tait (Association Secretary). Ordinary Committee Members – Kristin Kinney, Victoria Messer, Brian Farrant and Leanne Erceg.  (Lu Tyree agreed to act as Web Administrator with support from Axel Knauer.)



36 voting forms were returned, including 3 proxies,  26 members attended via video link

Attended via video link and returned voting form: Tine Becker, Angela D’Aquaro Law, Claudia Duffy, Linda Erceg, Doris Evans, Linda Healey, Sharron Hickman, Kristin Kinney, Wilhelm Lehmberg, Susanna Lewis, Colin Mairs, Herbie Mues, Brita Odersky, Kirsten Roedsgaard-Mathiesen,  Jennifer Sloots, Helen Tait, Julia Thorne Lu Tyree Marianne Weissbach, Rosemary Wright

Voting form only: Jean Claude Boucly, Marina Coleman, Claudie Favre-Hayman, Warren Hurley, Guy King, Yvonne Lendrum, Victoria Messer, Denis Page, Gabi Plangger, Matthias Schellhorn, Iris Wegmueller, Holger Werner, Iris Zessner

Video attendance only: Mary Clifford, Brian Farrant, Axel Knauer, Isabelle Lotscher, Robert Miernik, Damian Nowak

Welcome by the Chair: Wilhelm welcomed the members present via Zoom link. He acknowledged the difficulties of surviving through the present times and the importance of using the opportunity to plan for the future.   He congratulated Lu Tyree on her appointment to the new Executive Assistant position, and said that he would be looking forward to working with her on the challenges and opportunities that the role will provide.   He gave particular thanks to Axel Knauer for his excellent work on the website through the year, and for coping with the failed attempt to transfer the website to a new platform, and with the limited ability of committee members.   He also thanked Colin Mairs for his work as membership Secretary, and Herbie Mues for back-up as a committee member.

AGM Procedure:          Wilhelm thanked Helen Tait for the work in setting up the virtual AGM and handed over to her to explain the procedures of the meeting.   Helen asked for patience and tolerance in coping with the virtual format and expressed the hope that it would not be experience we could have to use in future.   She explained the process for the AGM and advised that the formal AGM would be followed by the traditional “General Discussion” session.   Those participating were invited to submit discussion topics via the “chat” mechanism.  Helen advised that voting results would be advised as each item comes up.   They were all very clear cut.

Close of meeting:

Wilhelm thanked members for their attendance.   He noted that at the end of the AGM there is usually some comment about a recommended venue for the following AGM, and advised that the current expectation is that we will keep to the end of May date and to the intention to have the conference and AGM in Hokitika, but this will be reviewed by the incoming committee. Thie AGM would however take place on Saturday, 22 May 2021.