For the first time the Annual General Meeting and Conference is held in Napier and Hawkes Bay region with the AGM held at Masonic Art Hotel on the 21st & 22nd May with Pre & Post famils on the 20th and 24th May. 

Committee in 2016: Sharron Hickman (Chairer), Helen Tait (Secretary), Angela d'Aquaro Law (Membership Secretary),  Damian Nowak (Financial Officer), Vera Huehn  (Webadministrator), Guy King, Clark Pollitt, Mark Orbell (Ordinary committee members).

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Highlights from the conference mentioned were

• Famils
Auckland to Napier 20 May - The Nest, Pirongia; Cooper & Co Cafe, 1100 Kawhia Road; ArtDoc, Benneydale; Wooden Heart Cafe & accommodation, Benneydale; Gentle Annie Road.   
Wellington to Napier 20 May - Owlcatraz and New Zealand Rugby Museum, Palmerston North.
Napier to Auckland 23 May – Sanctuary Mountain Maungatautari, Hamilton Gardens, Zealong Tea Estate, 495 Gordonton Road, Hamilton.    
Napier to Wellington 24 May – Origin Earth Cheesery, Mt Bruce bird sanctuary.
• Napier famil 22 May – Gannet Beach Safaris, Gannet Safaris, Elephant Hill Winery, Waimarama Maori Tours, Rush Munro Icecream, Art Deco guided walking tour.
• The speakers: Mark Von Dadelszen (lawyer who specializes in associations/constitutions/meeting proceedures), Darrin Fisher from NZTA who amongst other topics spoke about the pending changes to NZTA rules and regulations with regards to SPV licence's etc.

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Achievement / Goals

• Ongoing communication with DOC's compliance team and Cher Knights looking at concession holders in the tourism industry.
• For three years we have run the association under the revised Constitution and the Operations Manual. Issues which arise from time to time have highlighted the need to review the Consitution.  The Constitution is to be reviewed in the 2016-2017 hear

Social Events:

Members continue to meet at on the first Wednesday of each month at Swashbucklers Bar in Auckland and Cassels bar and brewery in Christchurch.