Claudia Duffy  (Chairperson), Jonas Asmusssen (Vice-Chair), Herbie Mues (Secretary), Jutta Blank/Siegrun Koop (Membership Secretary), Isabelle Lotscher (Treasurer), Birgit Aikman, Tine Becker, Wilhelm Lehmberg, Lu Tyree, Tim de Jong, Matthias Schellhorn.


At conference:

• Re-align membership criteria and mission statement to provide a more relevant focus
• Identify core membership benefits and values
• Align PG with industry organisations to maximise the leverage they provide
• PG has got a higher profile by now within the tourism industry
• More job offers through email and also the Find-A-Guide page on the website
• ATTTO certification has been taken up by more and more members
• Involvement with TIA regarding DoC Concession issues. Join Bus and Coach Association (BCA) in their concession process but extend ad hoc walks for up to 2 hours.
• Upgrade to our website
• Introduction of Early Bird Fee
• TIANZ offered (5-% reduced) $150 membership fee for PG members which was discussed and declined.
• Membership drive to double our membership
• TRENZ in Chch and some members will attend and hand out information about PG

Social Events

May: Conference in Christchurch

December: Annual X-mas BBQ in Auckland

• Committee Members

Conference CHCH2006