Small passenger/ large Passenger endorsements what can I drive?

The first consideration in answering this question is the class of drivers licence held. View information concerning what vehicle types each licence class allows a person to drive. This information is directly from the Land Transport (Driver Licensing) Rule 1999.

The second consideration is what type of P endorsement does the person hold, large or small. This relates to the seating capacity of the vehicle used in the passenger service. To drive a small passenger service vehicle (12 seats or less including the driver) I would require the appropriate class of licence such as a class one and a small passenger endorsement. The difference between a small passenger endorsement and a large is:

•          A small passenger endorsement requires an ID card
•          A small passenger endorsement holder is vetted every year over the term of the endorsement (1 to 5 years) as opposed to the holder of a large who is vetted once over the life of the endorsement.

Scenario 1.
I wish to drive a passenger service vehicle with a seating capacity of 15 including the driver (this is a large passenger service vehicle as its seating capacity is 13 or more including the driver). I hold a classes 1 and 2 drivers licence and have a small P endorsement with ID card. Can I driver this vehicle?

Yes, you hold the correct class of licence and a current P endorsement. There is no requirement to display an ID card when driving a large passenger service vehicle.

Scenario 2
I wish to drive a small passenger service vehicle (seating capacity 12 or less including the driver). I hold the appropriate class of drivers licence and hold a large passenger P endorsement (vetted once over the life of the endorsement, no ID card). Can I drive this vehicle in a passenger service?

No, drivers of small passenger service vehicles are required to display a current ID.

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