Why are ProGuides and tour guides important?

Tour guides are the human face of tourism.

Tourists travel in order to see things and learn - they aspire to be guided by people who know where to go and what they are talking about. It may well eventuate that the tour guide is the most influential person the visitor will meet on their journey.

The tour guide may be the one to ensure their trip becomes a once in a lifetime event. The tour guide may well be the reason the visitor will decide to return and recommend your company’s tour product to their friends and family.

To put your support behind our tour guides is to add support to the future of New Zealand’s tourism industry as well as providing direct benefits to your organisation.

As an Industry Partner Member of ProGuides you will join other dedicated tourism professionals including attractions, retailers, hotels, restaurants, venues and transport operators and other companies associated with the tourism industry. To work with ProGuides and our tour guide members is to raise the standards of your clients’ tourism experience. Whether you are an inbound tour operator or tour supplier alike.