What can I expect to earn as tour/driver guide?

Whilst there is no set standard fees we have summarized information on how to determine appropriate pay. Rates vary - from approx. $200.00 to $400.00 per day. Rates depend on industry experience and responsibilities but also whether you are working as a freelance independant contractor or employee. Price structure is generally for transfer, ½ day, full day and overnight days, also extended days where you provide a full day and external dinner excursion. While driver guides usually get a higher pay than tour guides they have to keep within logbook hours and legal limits.

Prior to assignment you should agree with your employer on your daily or hourly pay rate, payment for statutory holidays and start and finish dates. External information can also be obtained from the careers NZ website.

If you work as a contractor (self-employed) you are required to provide invoices, pay your own tax, ACC levies, and GST if applicable, please consider this in your payment negotiatons. This is most likely what applies to most tour and driver guides.

If you work as an employee then your employer is responsible to pay your tax (PAYE) and provide you with a pay slip. For more details visit the Department of Labour website, and Inland Revenue Department.

Obtain a written contract detailing daily pay rate and hours of work for the tour. More guidelines for Tour and Driver guides can be obtained from the members only section (Login required).