Senthil Natarajan

Guiding in New Zealand since 2007. Love this country and love to meet people.


We walk the walk for the guests to have a great time in New Zealand. Conducted tour to more than 3,000+ people so far.


Qualified as Auckland Ambassador from Auckland Tourism 


Certified as 100% Pure New Zealand Specialist from Tourism New Zealand


Personalised tour at group tour rates. Owner operator of HAPPY NZ TOURS.

Scope of Guiding: Nationwide
Membership Type: Full Member
Location: Auckland

Phone Number: +64.9.3942200

Mobile Number: +64.21.800567

Website: My Website - Click Here

Language: English Tamil
Type of Guiding: Day Tours Long Tours
Vehicle: P-Endorsement Own Vehicle with TSL licence less than 12 seats
Vehicle Licences : Class 1 - Car
First Aid Certificate: Yes
Cruise Ship Ports:

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