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Welcome to Aotearoa Nature Tours
This tour has been specifically created to cater to our tourists who have the time to explore our forests and then make and create healing products from it.
In this unique specialized workshop you will have a guided tour through our beautiful native bush and then learn the art of creating healing balms and creams from plants.
You will be shown all the intricate details involved in making a product of the highest standard using what nature gifted to us.
All plants are medicinal and their sacred medicine can be extracted and transformed into a remedy to use to heal all manner of ailments.
You will be taught how to harness the  moons energy to potentise your remedy.
How to pick in time honoured tradition to ensure your rongoa (medicine) is of highest potency.
You will be taught about the ways and methods of harvesting to protect nature and to access  the most powerful healing agents.
We use Aotearoas (New Zealand's) powerful healing plant - the native Kawakawa tree, but once taught the methods you can adapt to use your own country/lands native plants.
This workshop does  include a bush walk 

Scope of Guiding: Only North Island
Membership Type: Full Member
Location: Bay of Islands
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Mobile Number: 021 233 5438

Website: My Website - Click Here

Language: English
Type of Guiding: Day Tours Flora & Fauna Trekking
Concessions: PG/DOC
Vehicle: P-Endorsement
Vehicle Licences : Class 1 - Car
First Aid Certificate: Yes
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  • Bay Of Islands
  • Auckland

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