Aggie Zhang

I take great pleasure and pride in being able to craft beautiful memories of travelling through Aoteaora, by engaging my clients to do interested things rather than just stare at things. making sure my clients enjoy a comfortable, interactive and insightful journey in New Zealand is my passion. 

Scope of Guiding: Nationwide
Membership Type: Full Member
Location: Rotorua
Covid 19 Vaccination Status:

Phone Number: 0

Mobile Number: 021 269 6051


Language: Chinese-MandarinEnglish
Type of Guiding: Day Tours Food Long Tours VIP
Concessions: PG/DOC
Vehicle: P-Endorsement Own Vehicle with TSL licence less than 12 seats
Vehicle Licences : Class 1 - Car
First Aid Certificate: Yes
Cruise Ship Ports:
  • Tauranga

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