Luca Montagni

New Zealand has been finally the country which captured Luca after traveling and tour guiding in some of the most beautiful countries on this planet. His love for the outdoors, his 6 languages and his vast experience in leading all sorts of different tours make him the perfect host for discovering the hidden and the most interesting corners of this country. He will be your friend and even though he was not born in this country he will be able to transmit his uncommitted love and passion for the places he will take you. His work has been highly rated by organizations such as National Geographic Television or VIP customers like Hollywood Star Andy McDowell during private guided excursions in extreme places like the active Volcano Stromboli in Sicily. Weather driving a Luxury vehicle and wearing a suit  or driving a 4 wheel drive vehicle he is committed to put your experience in first place during your stay.

Scope of Guiding: Nationwide
Membership Type: Full Member
Location: Auckland

Phone Number: 09-3607565

Mobile Number: 021-0674296

Website: Website Title

Language: English French German Italian Portuguese Spanish
Type of Guiding: Agriculture Architecture Art Botanic City Cycling Tours Day Tours Diving Fishing Flora & Fauna Food Geology Golf History Hunting Maori Music Political Science Sailing Skiing Trekking
Concessions: PG/DOC
Vehicle: P-Endorsement
Vehicle Licences :
First Aid Certificate: Yes
Cruise Ship Ports:

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