Hans Korsika
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Hans moved from his native Germany to New Zealand (NZ) in 1987 and became a NZ citizen in 1994. He is a father of two adult children, a keen woodworker, designer, and solution seeker. He loves freedom, humour, NZ, driving, movies, among many other interests. Hans is friendly, relaxed, humorous, people-focused, and understands the value of service to others. For the first eight years of his NZ life he worked as a Computer Software Engineer for TrustBank.  --- Hans has been driver-guiding around 35 tours for German-speaking clients, mainly for “ANZ Nature Tours”, between 1999 and 2007. He mostly took small groups of eight to twelve clients on three-week tours throughout NZ, usually in a 4WD bus, but also successfully completed a few personalised tours for two to three clients only, among them a "Lord of the Rings" one for two sisters. After a few years of taking care of his then teenage children and working full-time in Mental Health (2008 - 2012), he started driving/guiding tours again in 2013, again mostly for “ANZ Nature Tours”, but initially part-time and hand-picked. Tours since included five two or three person groups (some of them VIP), four larger bus tours as guide only (with escort and driver), and eight medium sized groups as a driver-guide. Among the above were three family tours (four Malaysian clients, six Indonesian clients, and seven Singaporean VIP clients respectively) with commentary in English, supporting a small kiwi start-up company (“The Road Trip”), one bus tour for "Pacific Destinationz", as well as one Swedish group for “ANZ Nature Tours”. Feedback for all recent tours has been nothing short of excellent.  --- As well as working as a tour guide, Hans runs his own Spiritual Life Guiding business, called "Inner Light" (www.innerlight.co.nz), which focusses on gently guiding clients on their personal journey through life's harder times and towards a happier and healthier sense of existence, with a strong focus on them learning to listen to their spirit, soul, and body. This work and his tour guiding work are very compatible. In fact, his guiding practice is based on his life philosophies, which include awareness, love, kindness, gratitude, joy, and peace. With a deep love for New Zealand, for being outdoors, for people, and for driving vehicles, paired with wide-ranging interests and astute awareness, extensive knowledge about his chosen home country, and great joy in sharing who he is, Hans has a lot to offer to those who can entrust themselves fully into his care. Safety and fun are his top priorities, followed by experiencing, learning, growing, and sharing. If you sense somehow, that what he has to offer resonates with your being, and what you wish to experience, book a tour with Hans now.

(Profile valid as of: September 2018)

Scope of Guiding: Nationwide
Membership Type: Full Member
Location: Christchurch

Phone Number: +64 22 079 3983

Mobile Number: +64 22 079 3983

Website: Website Title

Language: English German
Type of Guiding: Cruise Ship Day Tours Flora & Fauna Geology History Long Tours Trekking VIP
Vehicle: P-Endorsement
Vehicle Licences : Class 1 - Car Class 4 - Heavy Rigid Class 2 - Medium Rigid Class 6 - Motorcycle
First Aid Certificate: Yes
Cruise Ship Ports:

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