David Duncan

Hi there I am Dave (aka Kiwi Dave) and I am a professional New Zealand based tour guide with a vehicle. Thanks for taking the time to check out my ProGuides profile and considering me as your next tour guide. 


I offer a 100% whitelabel solution. I offer a vehicle and guiding service that represents your brand. I deliver your tour itinerary and ensure everything is executed in line with your company and brand. Simply put, acts as a natural extension to your business. Everything relating to both your business, brand and your guests is kept completely confidential. 


I try to be as agile as I can both in location and guiding expertise. Here is where I can help:


- Private / VIP / Celebrity Tour Guiding (discretion assured)

- Small Group Guiding

- Large group tours

- VIP Driver

- Day Tours or Long Tours

- International Tour Escorting


- Location Agile - Wellington based but can assist in Queenstown, Wanaka, Christchurch, Auckland, Waiheke Island, Taupo, Mt. Cook - actually anywhere; North or South Island (or abroad if escorting).


Areas of Interest include but are not limited:


- Luxury Travel

- Fine wine and food

- Personalised touring

- Golf

- Off the beaten track guiding


Vehicle available:


- 7 Seater Mercedes V350 with full leather interior and a Long wheel base (LWB), SPSL and all the bells and whistles you could expect of a touring vehicle.




I was heavily involved in film in television for about 10 years here in NZ. I was a field producer for New Zealand's Dancing with the Stars, I started a corporate video company at age 21 and can be spotted in all 3 Lord of the Rings movies playing a Gondorian Soldier, a Wild Man and a Urak-Hai.


I worked on numerous projects of this nature until 2006 when I left New Zealand to film a documentary in Russia and Eastern Europe, and it was here when I truly discovered my love of travel. I didn't return to New Zealand for 10 years after living in Sweden, France, England, the Netherlands, Thailand and Australia and travelled well over 50 more countries across 6 continents. It was here I gained my experience in tourism working as a travel agent in Australia and France and gained plenty of guest management experience from running hotels and bars across the world.


This overseas experience mixed with my skill-set and cultural knowledge gives me the ability to relate and get on with anyone and everyone from CEOs and celebrities to bar-tenders and cleaners. People and networking are my expertise.
I also know people, and have the right balance of been friendly while quickly judging each client to know how they want to be treated or what makes them feel special. From CEOs to regular fun seekers - I know how to handle each client.


My time abroad has given me grounding and a great appreciation of cultural diversity both in personal qualities and in the travel environment. As guide I am committed to helping others make the most of their adventure. I value good company, memorable moments and am dedicated to creating and finding unique experiences throughout the country.




I have been back in New Zealand since December 2016. I have been working as a contract tour guide ever since. This has included day tours in Waiheke Island and Wellington and nationwide private tours.


I am traveller by nature; and it is this love of travel and my passion for New Zealand that drives me to share this wonderful country with travellers and explorers from all around the world.


So how can I help you? I can assist in all areas of guiding and can act as a natural extension to your tourism business. I can assist with Private / VIP / Celebrity Tour Guiding (discretion assured), Small Group Guiding, Large group tours, VIP Driver and International Tour Escorting.


If required, I also offer a 7 Seater Mercedes V350 Long wheel base (LWB) with all the bells and whistles you could expect of a touring vehicle.


I thrive outside my comfort zone, I'm confident, I embrace change, I manage my emotions, I enjoy networking and I trust myself. I don't have an ego and consider myself always learning.


When I am not guiding  You will find me in Wellington either hiking in the hills around the city, enjoying one of the many cafes the city has on offer or exploring the beautiful vineyards of the Wairarapa.


For more information and rates see www.craftedtours.co.nz


I hope this this give you a good understanding of what I can offer. If you feel I could be the right fit for you and your business - Get in touch! Otherwise, reach out if you have further questions or want to discuss your requirements further. Look forward to hearing from you soon!


Scope of Guiding: Nationwide
Membership Type: Full Member
Location: Wellington

Phone Number:

Mobile Number: 0204 128 5300

Website: My Website - Click Here

Language: English
Type of Guiding: City Cruise Ship Day Tours Food Golf Long Tours Trekking VIP
Concessions: PG/DOC
Vehicle: P-Endorsement Own Vehicle with TSL licence less than 12 seats
Vehicle Licences : Class 1 - Car Class 2 - Medium Rigid
First Aid Certificate: Yes
Cruise Ship Ports:
  • Wellington

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