ProGuides New Zealand is the not-for-profit association
of professional tour guides and driver guides in New Zealand

Our mission is to raise the profile of the profession of tour guides whilst maintaining our high standards
of work and customer service in consideration of New Zealand as a tourist destination.


Our organisation promotes professional excellence and sustainable care for New Zealand as a tourist destination. In joining ProGuides you will have a voice – through an organisation with well-established networks and industry relations such as Service IQ, Departement of Conservation - DOC, Tourism Industry Association - TIA and Tourism Export Council.

ProGuides is a member of the World Federation of Tourist Guide Associations (WFTGA) which is an affiliate member of the UN World Tourism Organisation (UNWTO) and an official partner of UNESCO.




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The first consideration in answering this question is the class of drivers licence held. View information concerning what vehicle types each licence class allows a person to drive. This information is directly from the Land Transport (Driver Licensing) Rule 1999.

The second consideration is what type of P endorsement does the person hold, large or small. This relates to the seating capacity of the vehicle used in the passenger service. To drive a small passenger service vehicle (12 seats or less including the driver) I would require the appropriate class of licence such as a class one and a small passenger endorsement. The difference between a small passenger endorsement and a large is:

•          A small passenger endorsement requires an ID card
•          A small passenger endorsement holder is vetted every year over the term of the endorsement (1 to 5 years) as opposed to the holder of a large who is vetted once over the life of the endorsement.

Scenario 1.
I wish to drive a passenger service vehicle with a seating capacity of 15 including the driver (this is a large passenger service vehicle as its seating capacity is 13 or more including the driver). I hold a classes 1 and 2 drivers licence and have a small P endorsement with ID card. Can I driver this vehicle?

Yes, you hold the correct class of licence and a current P endorsement. There is no requirement to display an ID card when driving a large passenger service vehicle.

Scenario 2
I wish to drive a small passenger service vehicle (seating capacity 12 or less including the driver). I hold the appropriate class of drivers licence and hold a large passenger P endorsement (vetted once over the life of the endorsement, no ID card). Can I drive this vehicle in a passenger service?

No, drivers of small passenger service vehicles are required to display a current ID.

You must fill in a Logbook. View information on Work Time & Logbook requirements