Claudia Duffy (Chair), Didier Bodin and Matthias Schellhorn (Vice-Chair),  Mark Middleton (Treasurer), Siegrun Koop and Jutta Blank (Membership Secretaries), Herbie Mues (Secretary), Birgit Aikman, Tim de Jong, Wilhelm Lehmberg, Chris Sloan.


• Party: Kiwiana
• Achieved goal and doubled Membership
• Letters had been sent to several government departments regarding illegally working overseas guides and driver/guides
• We placed an ad in the NZ Travel Industry Diary under the Tour Guiding Services
• Started subscription to Nigel Conventry’s Inside Tourism, a weekly email industry newsletter
• Chairperson attended the TIA conference
• Chairperson met with Conservation Minister Chris Carter regarding the DoC Concession
• Made PG merchandise available – hats, luggage tags and badges

Social Events

May: Conference in Auckland

Party: Kiwiana

September: Social in Golden Bay

December: Annual X-mas BBQ in Auckland



Claudia Duffy  (Chairperson), Jonas Asmusssen (Vice-Chair), Herbie Mues (Secretary), Jutta Blank/Siegrun Koop (Membership Secretary), Isabelle Lotscher (Treasurer), Birgit Aikman, Tine Becker, Wilhelm Lehmberg, Lu Tyree, Tim de Jong, Matthias Schellhorn.


At conference:

• Re-align membership criteria and mission statement to provide a more relevant focus
• Identify core membership benefits and values
• Align PG with industry organisations to maximise the leverage they provide
• PG has got a higher profile by now within the tourism industry
• More job offers through email and also the Find-A-Guide page on the website
• ATTTO certification has been taken up by more and more members
• Involvement with TIA regarding DoC Concession issues. Join Bus and Coach Association (BCA) in their concession process but extend ad hoc walks for up to 2 hours.
• Upgrade to our website
• Introduction of Early Bird Fee
• TIANZ offered (5-% reduced) $150 membership fee for PG members which was discussed and declined.
• Membership drive to double our membership
• TRENZ in Chch and some members will attend and hand out information about PG

Social Events

May: Conference in Christchurch

December: Annual X-mas BBQ in Auckland

• Committee Members

Conference CHCH2006




Interim Committee: Jonas Asmussen (Chairperson), Claudia Duffy (Vice-Chair), Siegrun Koop/Herbie Mues (Treasurers), Isabelle Lotscher (Membership Secretary), Klaus Rexer, Tine Becker, Jutta Blank, Lu Tyree, Marjorie Wilson.


• 32 Members. 15 signed the form to become an incorporated non-profit society.
• Logo created and 0800 number established (Logo & badges created by TMA Design, Auckland)
• 18 June Registration as Incorporated Society
• “Rules of the Incorporated Association”

Social Events

May: Meeting in Hanmer Springs

Party: Come as your worst tourist

   September: First AGM in Nelson



Claudia Duffy (Chairperson), Herbie Mues (Vice-Chair), Brita Odersky (Secretary), Isabelle Lotscher (Membership Secretary and Treasurer), Jonas Asmussen, Jutta Blank, Klaus Rexer, Siegrun Koop, Tine Becker, Wilhelm Lehmberg.


• Sent letters to IBO’s offering the Find-A-Guide service
• DOC concession issue – Started meetings to get a National Concession for our members with Andy Thompson
• Worked on Code of Conduct
• Fundraising for local events only – not on a national basis
• PG & NZTDG take up mutual membership. They also make each other mutual beneficiaries in their legally requested folding clause.
• Started contacting Immigration NZ about implications of overseas guides leading groups through NZ without work permits and without proper local knowledge taking work away from us

Social Events

May: Meeting in Auckland

September: The famous first Punakaiki Social

Held at Te Nikau Resort. ~20 members attended for caving, flax weaving, whitebait patties, party time, Truman Track extension at 6am, moon set at 1.05am and lots of fun

December: Annual X-mas BBQ in Auckland

• Committee



4 October 2003 Lyttelton – founding of ProGuides


First meeting of 13 guides (predominantly ex/current C&E) and the chairperson of NZTDG Miles McIlraith 


•An application for incorporated association PG was signed there and then with NZTDG as signatories. (Subsequently however this was not used but redone in Hanmer Springs the following year). Nevertheless NZTDG did stay in touch and were helpful answering any questions PG had.


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