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This "NEW" concession was brokered in 2023. The previous concession is no longer valid and if you were a concessionaire under the previous agreement, you need to re-apply for the new one. 

The concession is only available to members of ProGuides NZ to join in on individually. It cannot be used by owner/operators of Small Tour Operators, unless you contract yourself as a tour guide - a small technicality but it makes the difference on whether or not you can apply.

It allows guiding and accompanying clients to a list of conforming tracks (see attached), as well as parking in dedicated areas. The cost for this concession is an Annual Management Fee of $50+GST payable in advance (with a $25 admin fee for ProGuides), and an Activity-Fee (see below) to be paid in retrospect annually after filing a ‘Client Activity Form'.
- $10.00 plus GST per adult client guided per full day (defined as a period of more than 4 hours but no more than 24 hours);
- $5.00 plus GST per adult client guided per half day (a half day being defined as more than 1 hour but no more than 4 hours);
- $1.00 plus GST per adult client guided per hour or less.

The more you use your concession and take clients on DoC land, the more you pay. Whether or not you use your concession, as long as you are holding one under your own name, it is part of the contractual agreement that you send the activity form at the end of the year. If no activity taken, just send a NIL return.

Note that a current First Aid Certificate and Personal Liability Insurance are compulsory for DOC concessionaires. (Public Liability Insurance for general indemnity for an amount no less than $1,000,000.00; and Third party vehicle liability for an amount no less than $500,000.00.)

For more information, please read the full contract (43 pages) and the Safety Management Plan (17 pages).

To apply for the concession, please send us:
- A copy of your personal liability insurance (under your own name, not that of a business)
- Signed terms & conditions (appendix 2, page 17)
- Application form for the DOC concession ID card (appendix 1)

Note that it may take several weeks for DOC to process it, but a letter will be sent to you to confirm your enrolment, and allow you to start operating immediately, even before you receive the DOC ID card.

Applications and request for info to be emailed to doc@proguides.co.nz

DOC concession Permit / ProGuides (2023)Conforming TracksAgreement (Schedule 2)ID card order form (Schedule 1)Health & Safety plan Audit Certificate (2023)Public Liability Insurance (sample)
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