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About the DoC Concession

Dear Members,

ProGuides have negotiated and signed a new DoC concession on behalf of its Members.

The concession is for 5 years, starting June 2023.

The annual cost per member using the concession is set at $50 plus GST.

The per client fees inclusive of parking are $10 +GST fo r a full day guiding on DoC land, $5 +GST for 1-4 hours, and $1 +GST for up to one hour.

Our old concession was for very short walks only, and parking was not included, therefore a big improvement here for Small Tour Operators with their own vehicles, or contracted Driver-Guides.

ProGuides has applied for guiding on 141 tracks, from the top of the North Island to the bottom of the South including Stewart Island. The list of tracks applied for was based on members feedback.

For info, the previous concession listed 285 tracks (all under 1h) but many of these are in Maori land and are now under review with the local Iwis, therefore not currently available for any concession.

The same conditions as before apply, which are: Public Liability insurance and a current First aid certificate for each member using the concession. This will be strictly enforced as issuing your DoC concession card and DoC activity returns will now be managed by ProGuides itself, for a $25 yearly administration fee. These fees will be collected concurrently with your annual membership invoice issued early April.

Note that late activity returns will not only result in a lapse in the member’s concession but will also incur a late return penalty for anyone still overdue by 1 June each year.

ProGuides also obtained an audited Safety Plan. 

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