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Below are different versions of the PROGUIDES LOGO for you to use.

ProGuides New Zealand Inc. suite of logos have been created for use with a wide range of print and digital media. They are available in two layouts and in several formats.

Conditions for Usage:

• You may not alter the content or the proportions in any way.

• Use of ProGuides New Zealand Inc. logos is restricted to current Members of ProGuides – if you cease to be a Member, you must immediately remove all copies of the logo from your stationery and marketing.

• Any non-member that is seeking to use the ProGUides New Zealand Inc. logos or any element of the logos must first obtain permission from ProGuides.

• Any use of the logos other than that shown in this document must be referred to ProGuides for prior approval.

To request logos or to discuss their usage, please email ProGuides.

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