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ProGuides Newsletter Feb 2023

Newsletter Feb 2023


In the midst of still ongoing weather events and other unfortunate happenings I sincerely hope that our membership is coping with all the challenges we are currently facing. Please do not hesitate to reach out if you are struggling and you think we might be able to assist.

Giant steps have been made in regards to our concession application and work on our new website is progressing as well. Furthermore, we had to work on details of this year’s Conference/AGM and we are satisfied that Kaikoura will be the perfect choice. All this is happening at a time where quite a few of us find ourselves in a way busier state than originally anticipated. My personal thanks go out to all committee members who have been beavering away on those issues. I simply couldn't have done it without your incredible efforts and help.

All the tourism associations and institutions have re-started for the year and we even ended up with a significant change in government including a new Minister of Tourism (another one). Lets hope that 2023 will present itself more sane and predictable than the previous years.

Various online meetings and communications with especially TIA and TEC have been held and there certainly is a noticeable shortage in some parts of our sector - particularly with Covid still having an impact.

ProGuides has been approached by TEC members for advice on 'What figures do we have to plan with in regards to rates for Guides / Driver Guides for the season/s ahead?' After quite some brainstorming and feedback requests from our members I/we did answer this in the following way:

First important thing to look at would be different rates for Guides and Driver Guides, then come the different language requirements and duration of trips and possible multi tour arrangements which all play into it for the individual guide concerned. To cut a long story short: We would currently recommend a daily base-rate of $400 to $600 - plus GST if applicable - additional costs are relocations, meals (where not included) breakfast $25, lunch $25, dinner $50 and other possible expenses. Saying this, we (the current committee) believe that $450+ would be a 'safe' rate for your calculations.

This is to be an indication only and all our members will have to continue negotiating their own rates and conditions but we all need to be aware of the incredible rise in prices everywhere as well as the pretty high inflation rate over the past two years - and we certainly do not want to go backward with our rates.

Wishing you all a successful few months ahead - kia kaha



As you know we are working towards a new DOC concession, which involves a fresh audit. The following came from the auditor:

Having had a quick look, it will definitely need updating – as its 10 years old, and identifies redundant/replaced legislation – before it is audited. Let me know if you need a hand with that, I could sort that for you and get another ROSA member to do the audit.

We might also need to see some info from some of the operators – summary of incidents, proof of 1st aid quals etc.

If any member has had an incident in DoC land in the past few years, we need to send it to the auditor. That could be if you had to take a client to a medical centre or hospital for treatment following an accident while walking using the DoC concession, or needed to use your first aid kit. A yes answer is as good as a no answer, and we would like to see at least 10 replies, yes or no. If yes, was an incident report done?

We also need to get as many scanned copies of current first aid certificates as possible, if you could please send them to Angela membership@proguides.co.nz asap, if you haven’t done so in the past 12 months. As a reminder, a valid 1st Aid certificate as well as Public Liability Insurance are a mandatory part of holding a DoC Concession.


You know already, the AGM this year will be in Kaikoura on Saturday 20 May and the location will be Encounter Kaikoura, 96 Esplanade.

There are many various options for accommodation in town, from the newest 4* Sudima Hotel (opened a few months ago) and White Morph which are located next door to the AGM venue, to motels, apartments and B&B.

We have obtained a discounted rate at the Sudima if anyone is interested: $199 per night, Superior twin, room only. Subject to availability. Please contact Angela membership@proguides.co.nz if you would like to take it.

We are still working on the program for the famil and the speakers for the conference. We would like to take this opportunity to invite anyone in the association who wishes to present, or know someone who would be keen to address ProGuides during the conference to contact us. We will endeavour to submit a full program no later than March, but as everyone here is well aware, we are all super-busy with tours and time is a precious commodity we lack off.

Let us know if there are specific locations, sites or activities that you would like covered in the famils. We are considering a Marlborough tour from Picton to Kaikoura from the Friday, and a focus on Kaikoura on Sunday. We invite local members to contact us so that we can work together on a program that would showcase the best the region has to offer.


Christchurch Heritage: https://www.christchurchnz.com/explore/activities-attractions/arts-culture/art-and-culture/architecture-and-art-in-christchurch

Weather change https://www.tourismticker.com/2023/01/30/perspectives-aucklands-deluge-a-sign-of-things-to-come/

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