For the first time the Annual General Meeting and Conference is held in Napier and Hawkes Bay region with the AGM held at Masonic Art Hotel on the 21st & 22nd May with Pre & Post famils on the 20th and 24th May. 

Committee in 2016: Sharron Hickman (Chairer), Helen Tait (Secretary), Angela d'Aquaro Law (Membership Secretary),  Damian Nowak (Financial Officer), Vera Huehn  (Webadministrator), Guy King, Clark Pollitt, Mark Orbell (Ordinary committee members).

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Highlights from the conference mentioned were

• Famils
Auckland to Napier 20 May - The Nest, Pirongia; Cooper & Co Cafe, 1100 Kawhia Road; ArtDoc, Benneydale; Wooden Heart Cafe & accommodation, Benneydale; Gentle Annie Road.   
Wellington to Napier 20 May - Owlcatraz and New Zealand Rugby Museum, Palmerston North.
Napier to Auckland 23 May – Sanctuary Mountain Maungatautari, Hamilton Gardens, Zealong Tea Estate, 495 Gordonton Road, Hamilton.    
Napier to Wellington 24 May – Origin Earth Cheesery, Mt Bruce bird sanctuary.
• Napier famil 22 May – Gannet Beach Safaris, Gannet Safaris, Elephant Hill Winery, Waimarama Maori Tours, Rush Munro Icecream, Art Deco guided walking tour.
• The speakers: Mark Von Dadelszen (lawyer who specializes in associations/constitutions/meeting proceedures), Darrin Fisher from NZTA who amongst other topics spoke about the pending changes to NZTA rules and regulations with regards to SPV licence's etc.

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Achievement / Goals

• Ongoing communication with DOC's compliance team and Cher Knights looking at concession holders in the tourism industry.
• For three years we have run the association under the revised Constitution and the Operations Manual.   Issues to do with the termination of a members membership, this year, have highlighted the need to review the Consitution.  The Constitution is to be reviewed in the 2016-2017 hear

Social Events:

Members continue to meet at on the first Wednesday of each month at Swashbucklers Bar in Auckland and Cassels bar and brewery in Christchurch.